Belgium Bike and Barge Tours

Belgium Bike and Barge

Lace Making in Bruges                 Bruges Rooftops                                           Asparagus in the Bruges Markt              Streets of Bruges

Explore this lovely country on a Belgium bike and barge tour. You’ll encounter history and charm at every stop of your chosen tour. We offer a choice of various routes through Belgium ending up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands or even Paris, France! These select 4Winds Specialty Tours are designed with your interests in mind:

  • Take a self-guided cycling tour through Limburg, Flanders, and Wallonia on the Yacht Miro
  • Let your barge guide you through historic Belgian towns Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp into Holland, ending ultimately in Amsterdam
  • Ride your barge through historic tunnels built under the government of Napolean. Cycle through the French countryside enjoying the beautiful landscapes, charming villages, churches and chateaus. Arrive in Paris to enjoy cycling in and touring this beautiful city of light.

You and your family or friends will find a Belgium bike and barge tour to suit every interest.

Belgium Bike and Barge Tours

Tour / Route Duration

Belgium bike and barge

Bruges Markt

Holland Meets Belgium: – Amsterdam to Bruges 8 days
Holland Meets Belgium: – Bruges to Amsterdam 8 days