Tour Bicycles

European tour bicycles in townTour in comfort

Our European tour bicycles include Azor and Target/ Nevada bicycles. The bikes are stored on a special area of the barge and easily accessible for the overland cycling tour of your favorite European countryside. Every tour bicycle comes with a pannier that will accommodate a small amount of cargo, such as a camera, a light jacket, a snack and a bottle of water.

In France and Holland helmets are not provided. Travelers should bring their own helmets. The helmets pack easily. The tour bicycles meet all required safety standards of the country you’ll be visiting.

Those wishing to do so should also bring a gel seat cover for added comfort while riding bicycles.

E-Bikes are available on most tours for an additional charge.  Contact Nancy for more information.

For cycling rules in our tour cities, please visit the following websites:

European Road Safety Observatory

Holland tours feature 7 gear bicycles with hand brakes. These are the normal “Dutch” bicycles of the brand name Azor.

Azor bicycle

Azor bicycle for Holland tours

On the tours in France, 21 gear bicycles with hand brakes are used. The brand name of the bicycles used in France is Target/Nevada.

Target bicycle

Target bicycle used in France